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Learn to Swim Series

This series is designed for those who start to learn to swim at primary school, i.e. the rising 5’s to 8 years old group.

Pupils progress through four levels – Octopus, Goldfish, Angelfish and Shark. Within each of these levels there are three awards.

On completion of Level 4, pupils will be able to:

  • Swim at least 100 metres on their front and back
  • Perform all four competition strokes
  • Perform an additional two strokes
  • Swim in a t-shirt and shorts
  • Perform rescue and survival skills
  • Perform a competitive dive from the poolside
  • Show an understanding of their own ability and basic water safety

Other badges are available:

  • The Distance Series comprises a range of awards that reward distance and stamina over distances from 5 metres to 5,000 metres and can be used as additional incentives throughout The ILS Learn to Swim Programme.
  • The Kingfisher Series of 3 awards develops diving skills. It can be used to complement pupil’s activities during awards from Shark 1 onwards.
  • The Seal Series comprises 4 awards covering personal survival skills. It is recommended that this series is only undertaken by pupils who have completed the Shark Series Level 4.
  • The Beaver Series of 5 awards develops watermanship skills and leads into water polo and synchronised swimming activities.
  • The Otter Series introduce an understanding of anatomy and physiology and basic First Aid Skills in 4 awards; it is suitable to use for pupils who are at Key Stage 2 up.

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